Why Would I Use PLR Content When I Can Write It Myself?

You may have seen it called PLR, private label rights content, white-label content, or even done-for-you-content, but at the end of the day, they are all the same thing: pre-made content you can use for your business. But why bother with it if you have knowledge of your niche and can create your own content without having to pay for it.

Why Would I Use PLR Content When I Can Write It Myself, private label rights content, plr products, plr suppliers

Look, I get it. I know PLR content has a bad reputation. I get that the net is full of people that rip into PLR. I know that there are more than a handful of myths that fly around continuously about why you should never use private label rights content. I get it.

But, you know, I have a reputation, too. A good one. In the offline world, I have represented my country, big organisations and several universities. There is no way I would have started a PLR business if I didn't believe in it.

So, I guess my goal is to change people's minds. Are you willing to join me?

What is PLR exactly?

PLR can take any form of content. PLR could be written content (reports, blog posts...), videos, courses, audio, planners such as mine, or a million other things. If you can think of it, chances are someone somewhere has created a done-for-you version of it.

There's a huge range (that is also growing) of private label rights content products that can help businesses and bloggers solve their content needs. Skylark Virtual Services

The great thing about PLR content is that once you buy it, you can use it however you want. You can use it as if, you can edit it, you can sell products with it, the sky's the limit!

The biggest issue with PLR content is that you are not the only person who can buy it and use it; anyone with access to the internet can buy it as well. And if you get your white label content from a reputable and popular provider, you can be sure that many others are using it too, most of them are probably your very own competitors!

So, why even bother with PLR?

Shouldn't I write the content myself?

Writing is a skill. And writing takes time. If you don't have that skill or the time, or you would rather use your time for something else, PLR will become your best friend.

For most business owners, content creation is just another task to tick off the to-do list, but PLR providers create content for a living, that is their business. They know how to write in an engaging way that can help you grow your business. And all you have to worry about is some light editing and formatting.

The main reason PLR content is useful is how much time it could save you. Writing from scratch means you need to spend hours researching before you start writing your content. If you use PLR content, the research is done and the writing is done. Time saved? 2, 3 or 5 hours!

How to Use PLR Content and Be Unique

As I said, when you use PLR content, you save time compared to writing everything yourself. But you can also save money by not hiring a writer to do the work for you.

It is true that the main problem of private label rights content is that anybody can purchase it. it is highly unlikely your PLR will be just sold once.

Luckily, you can take the PLR you bought and customise it for your business and audience.

Just rewriting 10 percent of your article can often be enough to create a totally new article (e.g., changing 50 words of a 500-word PLR article). Everything Health Coach

There are so many ways to repurpose done-for-you content! Blog posts, e-books, emails, checklists, workbooks, presentations, videos, podcasts, journals, social media posts. The list could go on and on.

What if I don't have time to edit?

The best way to avoid having the same content as others is to use the PLR you purchased as a starting point: modify it to make it yours.

But, let's be real. We are all busy, and sometimes we don't have the time to rewrite everything. In that case, you can buy from providers that only sell a limited amount of copies and do some light editing to make sure the content is in your voice. Over time you will get faster and faster at doing this.

The first time you edit your PLR content, it might take a while. The 50th time will take no time at all.

Private label rights content is created with the understanding that customers will use it on their own website and in their marketing materials. Many PLR sellers are delighted to come across their content on various websites. Chantel Arnett

Can I mix PLR content from different providers together?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Once you buy it, the content is yours to do as you please! You can edit, modify, mix-and-match, add your content.

It is important you always check the license you get with your purchases. But, as long as you follow the terms of use of each provider, you are free to use the content any way you want.

How can you find the best PLR content?

Before you buy, you want to make sure that the PLR you are going to spend your hard-earned money on is high-quality and you can repurpose it easily.

The first step is to check the website carefully. Typos, mistakes, broken links - these are all red flags. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, and one typo should not keep you from using a PLR supplier. But if I come across a website that is riddled with errors, I would be wary of purchasing from it.

All good PLR creators will offer a free sample or two so you can see the quality of their work. These are often also white label and can be reused, so take advantage of them!

How can I know if the PLR is old?

Unless your business is in the technology niche, most content will be fine even if it's been out for a few years. You might need to update a few links or references, but that should be part of your regular editing anyway.

Of course, it's always best to have fresh content. The best way to find it is to join the mailing lists of your favourite PLR providers. You will be able to grab all the latest products, usually with a special release discount. And if the product is a limited-run, you'll be one of the lucky ones who gets first dibs on it.

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Why Would I Use PLR Content When I Can Write It Myself, private label rights content

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Why Would I Use PLR Content When I Can Write It Myself, private label rights content, plr products, plr suppliers
Why Would I Use PLR Content When I Can Write It Myself, private label rights content, plr products, plr suppliers
Why Would I Use PLR Content When I Can Write It Myself, private label rights content, plr products, plr suppliers
Why Would I Use PLR Content When I Can Write It Myself, private label rights content, plr products, plr suppliers
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