20 Of The Best Tips for Using Done-For-You Content

If you have been reading through my blog posts, you'll know that I am a big fan of repurposing done-for-you content. It doesn't matter if you're new to it or an old hat, I think we all need a little push every now & then. Especially when it comes to using the PLR sat on our hard drives.

20 Of The Best Tips for Using Done-For-You Content

The following may include affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may make some commission. But this will be at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend things I trust and use myself (or have used). You can use my full disclaimer here.

Buying done-for-you content is easy. Very easy. But getting round to editing and using it can sometimes feel like hard work. It doesn’t have to be. 

Here is a little reminder for you: creating content from scratch is hard work. I know, it's what I do. 

Those blank screens suck away at your soul. If you're lucky, you'll manage to get something on paper before you drift towards the point of no return. Which inevitably involves stomping around telling your partner that everything is impossibly difficult. Do I sound like someone who has done that one too many times? I have. 

But with done-for-you content, you never need to blank screen it again even if you pull it apart completely and put it back together in 40 different ways. I guarantee you that doing this is 100% easier than starting from scratch. 

So, why oh why would you leave your done-for-you content sitting there doing absolutely nothing? Well, other than being evidence of how much money you've wasted—just saying! 

Let's get off our behinds and use it. I will if you will! Yep, even I have PLR I haven’t used.

Keep in mind that there is some done-for-you content you can use just as it is - if you wish. 

If you're going to give away the content as an upgrade, a lead magnet, within your email autoresponder series or in a membership site you may only need to change the branding.  

People won't be paying for it. So, you know, take it easy. If people are paying for the products you're creating, then absolutely put some work into it.

20 tips for using done-for-you content effectively

These tips cover a range of different things. Depending on what type of content you're using, you may use the various tips at different times. 

20 Of The Best Tips for Using Done-For-You Content

Change The Titles 

Changing titles is recommended because a lot of PLR titles are very general and not targeted towards precisely what you need. If you can change the title to be more direct and attract your audience, then you should do that. If it is a blog post you're creating, you'll need to consider SEO, too. 


Add Your Voice

Read through the content one time without making changes. After you have read through it once, go back in and add a new introduction that sounds like you, and a conclusion. Go through and change words that you don't usually use to terms you would use. Also, check the grammar. 


Add Your Keywords

If you are using the done-for-you content as a blog post or content directly on your site, you'll want to know what keyword you want to focus on in that post. Put it in your title, in H2 headers, and in the first paragraph of the content. If you're not using it on your site, you don't need to think about keywords much other than the title. Done-for-you blog content may well be optimised for SEO, but not necessarily for your keywords.


Change the Images

Some PLR includes images for you to use, but you should change them up to make them your own. You can do that by cropping them differently, colourising them differently, or by choosing new images. 

I highly recommend using DepositPhotos for your images. Their images are cheaper than other stock photo sites but offer far better quality than free image sites. They also offer free pictures & deals often (hint: sign up to their newsletter) 


Check the Facts

If the content you're editing has facts and stats, check them. They may be old and need updating, or they could even be completely wrong. You should double check and then update the content so that the facts are right - at least at the time you hit publish.   

20 Of The Best Tips for Using Done-For-You Content

Add a Clear Call to Action

Depending on what type of content this is going, you may want to add in a CTA. What do you want your readers to do next? 


Brand It As Your own

Always change the design of the content. You may have fonts, colours, and logo that you use on your original content. You will want to use it in this case, too. You don't want the done-for-you content you promote to your audience to look different to everything else you provide for them. 


Make Something Valuable for Your Audience

Create something of value that will help to build your email list by requiring an email address and other information, before you let them have the content.   


Create Content Upgrades With done-for-you content

A content upgrade is content that lives within other content your viewer is already reading or viewing. Usually, the content is downloadable. You can also point out the downloadable with highlights or other methods to ensure that they download it and you capture their email. Exactly like I have done with the checklist in this post - and the PDF versions of many of my other posts so people can read them later. 

I create the PDF versions of my blog posts using Designrr. Once the post is published, I only need to grab the link, insert it into Designrr, and the software does pretty much everything else. This link gets you Designrr for a one-time fee of $27. 

20 Of The Best Tips for Using Done-For-You Content

Use the done-for-you content As A Lead Magnet

You can buy PLR and use it directly as a Lead Magnet. A lead magnet is a landing page just like a paid product. 

It's something valuable to your audience that will solve one problem for them quickly. You don't want the lead magnet to be too involved in this format. Teach them to do one thing that will make a massive difference for them.   


Use PLR as The Foundation of a Webinar 

You can use the done-for-you content that solves one problem for your audience as the basis for a webinar too. When people sign up for and register for the webinar, they will be added to your email list even if they don't end up attending. There are lots of brandable courses out there that you can mould to your specific needs


Develop a Free Membership Site

You can add any PLR that helps your audience to a membership site. You can easily rebrand it and add it mostly as is right in the membership site. 

You can set up a membership site to drip-feed content or give it to them all at once. 

I should say that some PLR licences don’t allow you to give content away for free. So, it is worth double checking this.


Turn PLR Into A Free Email Course

If you don't want to worry about e-Learning technology, you can run a short course right through email. Use those brandable courses again!


Repurpose PLR Into Different Formats

When you buy PLR remember that you can repurpose it into many different formats and use it as different types of "ethical bribes" to get people to sign up for your list. 

Turn a 10-point article into a series of 10 emails, ten different videos, a webinar, or a report or e-book. Sometimes you may need to add additional information to the content to turn it into what you want it to be, but because you have the start, it should be easy. 


Create an Email Autoresponder Series with PLR

One way to use PLR is to create an autoresponder series. You may be wondering how this grows your list since they're already on your list. Well, since you want people to stay on your list, you need to offer them value. 

Plus, when you give your list valuable content, with CTAs, you can segment them better which will enable you to make more money from your list while also keeping people on your list due to the value you offer.   

20 Of The Best Tips for Using Done-For-You Content

Use PLR Tips to Create a 30-Day Challenge

You won't often find challenges already written just as you like them. You can find tips to use as your beginning to the challenge. Turn the tips into the challenge and deliver the content via email, your blog, or a Facebook Group.    

Some other ideas are to create checklists, cheat sheets, free spreadsheet templates, and other content from the PLR that you buy and use as gated content to get more people to sign up on your list. 

Put the Content to Use Quickly 

Once you buy done-for-you content, don't store it on your hard drive or in the cloud. Use it as soon as possible. 

Knowing what you're going to use it for before you purchase it is going to be vital to putting it to use. 

Match Your Efforts with Your Promotions

Take a look at other promotions you'd like to work on as you choose the done-for-you content that you're going to buy and match it with those so that you can attract the right audience and nurture your audience properly. 

20 Of The Best Tips for Using Done-For-You Content

Create an Editorial / Publishing Calendar 

Use Google Calendar to create an editorial calendar, so you know what you're publishing and when and why.  


When you know what day you want to launch or publish something you can work your way backwards in the calendar, so you know what you need to get done such as graphics, rewriting, or formatting.   

How do you use your done-for-you content? Let me know in the comments below...

The following may include affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may make some commission. But this will be at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend things I trust and use myself (or have used). You can use my full disclaimer here.

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