The Ultimate Repurposing PLR Checklist 2021

Whenever you purchase PLR, the best thing you can do is to start planning how you can use it immediately. But, more importantly, you ought to start planning how you can use it more than once. It is important to remember that creating better content matters these days. So, the more you can use your PLR content, the more value it has, which is where my Repurposing PLR Checklist comes in. 

The Ultimate Checklist For Easily Repurposing PLR

The following may include affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may make some commission. But this will be at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend things I trust and use myself (or have used). You can use my full disclaimer here.

The worse thing you can do with your PLR content is to let it sit on your hard drive gathering dust. After all, you’ve paid good money for it. Anything you pay for in business is an investment. Wasting investments is not good business. 

The perfect position you want to put yourself in is to make every investment you make to get you a better return. In other words, you want the PLR you paid for to make you even more money. 

The best way to do this is by using the same PLR more than once. This is not double cheating or a bad thing to do. This is smart working.

If you think no one else would ever do this, I promise you they would. Many of the things I write are converted into Instagram posts & stories.

The PLR repurposing process doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be as simple or as hard as you like (hint: simple is best). But I definitely want to make sure you are all repurposing your content as much as you can.

Creating better content matters these days. Make the most of what you have and use it to create content people love.

Hopefully, my Repurposing PLR Checklist will help you make the most of a lot of the content you have already, and buy in the future. 

The Repurposing PLR Checklist for 2021

Choose your new format

Decide if you’ll be compiling several reports into an e-book or if you’ll be taking a portion from an e-book and creating a blog post. 

Think about the next step

Consider what you want your audience to do after consuming content. Will they be invited to join your mailing list? Purchase your new course? Or hire you as a coach? Knowing this in advance helps you tailor your content.   

Change the title

Most PLR titles are generic. Try to change the original title into something entertaining or intriguing with a clear benefit to your readers.   

Edit the content

Now that you know the new format, take some time going through and lightly editing the content. Remove words you wouldn’t use and replace them with ones that you would. Remember, you want this content to sound like you wrote it.

Remember: better content matters. How can you edit your PLR to make it amazing?

Format as you go

Keep in mind that many people reading online are scanning your content, so keep your paragraphs short, add subheadings, and try to use bullet points where applicable.  

Add examples or stories

As you are editing the content, you may come across sections where you have the perfect example, parable, or story to include. Go ahead and write it up – since you’re using PLR, you have full rights to edit the content! People love stories, too.

Promote the best resources

While editing your content, look for areas where you could make product or service recommendations. 

Place your call-to-action

Encourage your community to take the next step with you. You might not like it, but you need to tell your readers what to do; otherwise, they won’t do it. 

Create images

If you haven’t already, this is where you want to add images into your content. Some PLR providers automatically include graphics with their content, so you don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to. But I would always recommend adding your own.

Brand it

Look through your PLR and decide how to brand it, so your community recognises that it’s yours. Add your logo to your report, include your website address on the images, and tweak the colouring to match your business.

Introduce yourself

Go back to the beginning of your content and make sure you talk about who you are and what you do. You want your audience to connect with you from the start, and this is a great way to do it.

Save your content

Save your document as a PDF. Doing this is the easiest way to allow others to download, read, and print the content. If you’re creating a blog post or article, save it as a draft inside WordPress.  

Publish your PLR

For PDF content such as e-books, you’ll want to upload it to your website through WordPress or into an Amazon S3 bucket - or wherever you store your documents to deliver to your audience.

Promote it

Now that your content is on the web, get busy promoting it on social media, in your podcast interviews, in your emails and during your Facebook Live videos. 

There we go. I genuinely hope this repurposing PLR content series has been helpful to you. Whatever you do, never let your PLR just sit on your hard drive. Make sure you put it to good use. 

Increase your ROI: Use PLR content to make you some money. Even if it just a little ad revenue, it is better than nothing at all. 

Is there anything you would add to this checklist? Let me know in the comments below...

The following may include affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may make some commission. But this will be at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend things I trust and use myself (or have used). You can use my full disclaimer here.

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