The New Mom Journal PLR Bundle!

Create your own expectant mother journal with this awesome New Mom journal PLR template bundle. Crammed full of content your customers would snap your hand off for!

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Create your very own new mom journal or a baby journal your customers will love

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Three Journals

Imaginative, flexible, and fully editable new mom journal PLR 70 page template sets in THREE unique designs. You'll get these journal templates in two sizes: 6 x 9" (One with Bleed) and A4. Plus you'll get both full colour & greyscale versions. All the templates come in PowerPoint and PDF files.

Jounal Prompts

You'll get 23 creative journal prompts for during pregnancy, after the birth and for when the child is at toddler age. These can be used by themselves on social media, in blog posts, as a lead magnets or added to your journals. You'll get a text file, and PowerPoint and PDF versions, meaning you can use them as they are or edit them to match your brand.

Social Media Images

You'll get five high quality social media images, formated for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram (20 images altogether). All you have to do is add your own text and share. You will recieve the images as PNG files, but you'll also get the PowerPoint files for each size - this allows for fast editing. You can reuse them, too!

Plus Keywords, Covers and Fonts!

To top this all off, you'll also get all this: 200 Keywords (100 SEO Keywords & 100 Pinterest Keywords), 3 A4 covers, 3 KDP covers. And 6 3D mockups in PNG. PLUS all font files are included!

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Encourage your customers keep track of their pregnancy with this outstanding PLR pack

Pregnancy and New Mom journals are unbelievably popular!

Pregnant women are often encouraged to keep a journal as a way of tracking how things are  going and preparing for their new baby.

According to the UN, there are approximately 360,000 babies born per day and 15,000 births per hour worldwide.

That's a lot of new moms looking for journals!

A new mom journal or baby journal can become a family keepsake because they are an amazing way to keep happy memories for the future.

It is true, there are lots of pregnancy and baby journals on the market. 


Most are either pregnancy or new baby journals. Very few of the exsisting products combine both.

Also, there are almost no New Mom journals on the market, right now, that include the early years!

Will you be the one to bring this section of the market to life?

With my New Mom PLR Bundle you are given the tools to create a product with everything a new mother needs in one place!

"Logging your thoughts can help you to begin developing an attachment to your baby,"

Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D

Check out search the stats

On Google 12,600 people search for the term 'Pregnancy Journal", every month.

The number of Google searches for Pregnancy Journal has grown 70% in Australia and over 50% in the UK

On Amazon there are over 4,000 searches for the term 'Pregnancy Journal' in just the USA, UK, and Canada alone!

On Amazon there are over 3,000 searches for the term 'baby Journal' in just the USA and the UK alone!

This doesn't include the many different search terms people use!

In the past year people searching for the term 'bump to baby' journal has increased 550% and 'how to grow a baby journal' has increased by 170%!

This shows thatpeople want more than a pregnancy or baby journal, they want a journal that will be there through the whole process and beyond.

Are you the person that will give people what they are looking for?