mood journal plr pack

Teach your customers the value of a mood tracker journal by grabbing this mood journal plr pack today. Crammed full of content they will snap your hand off for!

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Help your customers keep a mood tracker journal and explore their emotions with the mood journal plr pack

Check out all the incredible content you'll have for effortlessly creating a mood tracker journal your loyal customers will adore

Three Journals

With this Mood Journal PLR, you'll get three 7-section, 148 page mood tracker journals. Crammed with 140 journal prompts exploring 7 emotions, these are fully editable journals in 6x9 and A4. Each template comes in a ready to go PDF file and fully editable Powerpoint file

21 mood trackers

The Mood Journal PLR Pack also comes with 21 30-day Mood Trackers. There are three designs in 7 different colours and the trackers come in A4 and 6x9" sizes.

315 quote overlays

Finally, you'll get 315 quote overlays in PNG format - ready to be used in any of your projects. There are 45 quotes each in 7 different colours and each quote has been hand picked and are related to the emotions in your journals.

Plus Covers and Fonts!

To top this all off, you'll also get: 3 covers plus 6 3D mockups in PNG & JPG, PLUS all font files are included!

LAST MINUTE BONUS: 21 Focus wheel PNGs

Not only do you get 21 mood trackers, you also get 21 Focus Wheels based on the Abraham Hicks focus activities.  This addition will help your customers focus on what they want, how to get it and transform any negative feelings.

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Encourage your customers to use a emotion tracker with this outstanding Mood Journal PLR Pack

We can't be happy all the time. Sometimes we're happy. Sometimes we're sad. Sometimes we are angry. It's okay to feel all of these things. It is even better when we can acknowledge these feelings and just allow ourselves to feel.

This mood tracker journal has 140 prompts relating to seven different moods: excited, fear, happy, angry, grateful, sad, and curiosity. All these prompts are designed to really get your customers thinking about their emotions and their life.

This journal is designed especially so your customers can dip in and out - without pressure - choosing what they want to write about according to how they feel.

A big part of personal development is learning to recognise emotions and how to react to them in a way that helps you move forward. What if you were the person who could successfully help your customers develop these skills?

Do your customers always ask you how to keep a mood journal? Well, with these awesome mood journal template, you have the answer!

These mood journal template will help your customers work on how they feel in the present moment, but will help them explore their past as well as their future.

These journals can very easily be made longer or shorter, depending on your customers' needs.

PLUS I've done the hard work for you. All you have to do is put it together and sell! From these, you can begin to create one of the best daily mood logs and take a step towards learning how to how to make money selling journals.