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Small Acts of Kindness Journal PLR Pack

Use this kindness journal PLR to teach your customers how to bring more kindness into their lives. Crammed full of content they will snap your hand off for!

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Teach your customers how to carry out kind acts to others and to themselves with the Small Acts of Kindness Journal PLR Pack

Check out all the incredible content you'll have for effortlessly creating kindness journals your loyal customers will adore

A Showing Kindness to the World Journal

This rainbow coloured journal will encourage your customers to carry out random acts of kindness and be kind to others. You'll get these kindness journals in two sizes: 6 x 9" and A4. Colour and greyscale. Plus you'll get both PowerPoint and PDF versions.

A Showing Myself Kindness Journal

This beautiful journal will guide your customers to be kind to themselves. Your daily kindness journal will help them with focusing on the positive and have an increased ability to use their talents and serve others. You'll get these kindness journals in two sizes: 6 x 9" and A4. Colour and greyscale. Plus you'll get both PowerPoint and PDF versions.

Two Checklists

As well as the high quality kindness PLR, you'll get 2 Editable kindness related Checklists: A list of random acts of kindness they can show others, and a list of kind acts they can show themselves. These are delivered as both ready to go PDF files and fully editable Word Documents.

100 Daily Kindness Social Media Images

The Small Acts of Kindness Journal PLR Pack comes with 100 eye catching social media images with thought-provoking quotes about daily kindness. You'll get Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Images.

Plus Keywords, Covers and Fonts!

To top this all off, you'll also get all this: 200 Keywords (100 SEO Keywords & 100 Pinterest Keywords), 2 covers plus 3D mockups in PNG & JPG, PLUS all font files are included!

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Encourage your customers to spread kindness with this outstanding PLR pack

Showing kindness to others includes the ability to be considerate, generous and friendly. Whilst all these things are woven into our human nature, we live in an age when kindness is sometimes seen as weakness.

This is your opportunity to rectify that.

Kindness has nothing to do with weakness. In fact, being kind often requires us to be courageous.

It can easily be argued that kindness has the power to change the world for the better. These kindness journals could be the trigger for a life filled with kindness for your customers.

It’s All About daily kindness

A smile and a hello can seem like little things but to someone else, they can mean everything. A random act of kindness costs nothing but when said at the right moment it can be an invaluable asset. This world is what we make of it.

Your customers cannot change the world. But as they make our way through the world, they can change the way they carry out kind acts.

But your customers must not forget to show kindness to themselves!

We often treat ourselves without an ounce of care. It's important to remember to begin with focusing on the positive. We cannot do the things that we need to do if we don’t first take care of ourselves.

When we are run down, our perceptions of ourselves will also be run down. It all starts and ends with us. The kinder we are to ourselves, the greater potential we have for giving and receiving kindness.

The Benefits of Kindness Journaling

  • Helps focus on positive thought patterns
  • Eases anxiety
  • Can prevent illnesses, lower blood pressure, and improve heart health (thought to be twice as beneficial as aspirin)
  • Reduces stress: shown to lower cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Promotes the release of endorphins (pain-killing hormones), oxytocin (love hormone), as well as serotonin (feel-good hormone)
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Can help with depression (often used as part of the treatment by many professionals)

Not convinced that people are looking to buy kindness journals?

If that's the case. I've found some stats that will blow your socks off!

The daily search for KINDNESS is at the highest of the past 5 years on Google searches worldwide. It is also becoming a serious area of study (as part of positive psychology). with 610k results on 

Google scholar articles on Kindness
185 M
Kindness results on Google
7.7 M
Daily Posts on Instagram

If you're looking to put your kindness journal on Amazon via KDP, I have even more good news for you! There are only 8000 kindness journal products on Amazon, period. Only a percentage of those are journals to write in. And those that are, are merely lined journals. 

Kindness journal results on amazon
46.7 M
Kindness Journal  results on Google
11 M
Kindness Journal  results on Pinterest

What does this all mean?? It means, people are looking for the perfect Kindness Journal constantly!

The Kindness Journal PLR Pack will give you everything you need to fill your audience's world with kindness and send them off on a fun, love-filled, journey.

These journals can very easily be made longer or shorter, depending on your customers' needs. 

PLUS I've done the hard work for you. All you have to do is put it together and sell! From these, you can begin to create your own kindness journals and take a step towards leaning how to how to make money selling journals.