How To Use PLR Content To Boost Your Business

The power of PLR content is tied to the fact that it takes just a bit of time, research and planning to use your content to grow a business. It can cut out all the guesswork and maximise your value with a brand-new product or content. Rather than constantly writing from scratch, many businesses find value in using PLR content to streamline processes and create quality products for customers with greater ease. So, how do you take advantage of PLR content?

How To Use PLR Content To Boost Your Business

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The most important reason to consider using PLR is that it saves you a ton of time. This is especially valuable for busy small business owners who often lack time to promote their products and services effectively. You can quickly and easily use readymade content to create something of value and quality.

PLR content is also incredibly versatile and easy to use. You can review it for quality, rewrite the content to suit your needs and make it your own.

PLR content also helps you potentially make money online by ensuring that you're always putting out high-quality products or services. Rather than attempting to write everything yourself, PLR can be the stepping stone toward helping you ensure that the content you put out into the world is effective and worthwhile.

Let's dive right into exploring everything you need to know about learning how to use PLR to give your business a real boost in terms of productivity and a potential way to make money.

How To Use PLR Content To Boost Your Business

3 Surprising Facts about PLR Content

In my opinion, there are a few key facts that you should know about PLR content before diving into the world of using it in your business. Hopefully, these three facts will help you feel more comfortable using it.

Using PLR content is not stealing

Stealing content is when you find an article online and then copy and paste the whole thing to your website. It honestly does not matter if you credit the author or not. You go beyond fair use laws if you take more than a paragraph or two.

On the other hand, a PLR creator gives you the right to use the material they have created. Most PLR providers allow you to change the content. For example, if there's a point you disagree with or want to add your own opinion to the content.

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PLR content is not unethical

PLR content is usually created by talented content creators who create content with the full knowledge that their names will not go on the material. Many PLR creators - like me - enjoy what they do because they get the chance to educate and inform readers while writing on various topics.

Using PLR content to serve your community is no different from hiring a content writer. Well, it is; it's much cheaper!

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Many people are already using PLR.

They might use different names for the content, but thousands of business owners use PLR to power their businesses. This is how they can produce so many blog posts, podcast episodes, Facebook Live videos, and more.

The simple truth is trying to create fresh content on your own consistently can be exhausting. But PLR is an affordable solution that's easy to customise for your community.

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Create Original Content With PLR

I'll be honest; one of the drawbacks of private label rights content is that anybody can purchase it. I used to think this was a big deal. But this doesn't have to be a big deal. Instead, take the PLR you've bought and customise it for your business and target audience. I like to think of PLR as the perfect starting point for creating engaging content.

Here are three super quick tips for customising your content to make it unique:

1. Change the titles. This is the easiest change to make and can greatly impact how people perceive your content. As a random example, if you've bought PLR content on how to grow tomatoes, don't just change the title to "How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Backyard". Instead, add something unique like "How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Backyard with the Help of a Professional Gardener".

2. Add images or video clips that fit the article topic and are relevant to your target audience. This is incredibly easy if you have purchased PLR from a site that offers images or video clips. Otherwise, create your own using Canva, or Styled Stock Society has some great-looking images, videos and templates,

How To Use PLR Content To Boost Your Business

3. Add a Call to Action. More often than not, PLR content will lack a call to action at the end. That's because the PLR seller doesn't know exactly what you're focused on in your business. So it's your job to add CTAs to the content you publish. You need to guide your audience by telling them exactly what you want them to do next.

You'll find even more information about making your PLR unique in these blog posts:

Use PLR Content To Build Your List

Even though we live in a social media world, email marketing is still the best way to market your business. When it comes to building and writing to your mailing list, PLR content can help you out in three different ways.

Launch Multiple Opt-Ins

Opt-in gifts offer something the reader wants and will motivate them to go deeper into your sales funnel. But having just one isn't usually enough. You need multiple gifts sprinkled throughout your website to grow your mailing list. You can use things like my Done-For-You Lead Magnet Templates to make it even easier to create your freebies.

Create Content Upgrades

You can easily use PLR articles to come up with fresh content on your blog. You can mix this content to fill up your blog with posts your readers will love. You can then use a tool like Designrr to turn the posts into downloadable PDFs. Combine this with a compelling call to action inviting visitors to sign up for access to the content upgrade.

Funnel Traffic to Your Site

Another way to use PLR to grow your mailing list is to break it down into awesome social media posts. Look over a PLR article and take 5-7 sentences from it. Use those sentences as text updates on social media, like Twitter or Facebook, and link them to your opt-in pages. This gives you more time to spend building relationships with your community.

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How To Use PLR Content To Boost Your Business

Create a Course Using PLR Content

Online courses are now one of the most popular digital products, and for a good reason. They provide a solid platform to share your knowledge, connect with your audience and grow your authority.

PLR articles or ebooks can be used to create entire courses. This can be done by breaking up the content into different lessons, adding some of your own material (like images or statistics), and turning it into PDFs or even a video course. You can then deliver your online courses using platforms like Teachable or Searchie.

My favourite places to find PLR Content to create potentially amazing courses are:

Once you have your course, consider turning it into a challenge. This works exceptionally well if your challenge has plenty of action steps that your followers can get involved in.

You could create a Facebook group and invite people to join. Let them know they must sign up for your mailing list and download the course to follow along. Then show up in the group each day of the challenge. You can start discussions, create homework assignments, or even use Facebook Live to motivate your challengers.

Use PLR for Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are one of the most effective ways of publishing engaging content for your audience.

Creating video tutorials using PLR content can boost your business by offering more depth and detail than just blog posts. Doing this will help to make your blog or website stand out from the crowd. You can combine information from written PLR with images, graphics and audio.

Video tutorials are also great for selling your products. You can use them to demonstrate how a product works or how to use it properly.

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How To Use PLR Content To Boost Your Business

Use PLR in Your Social Media Posts 

Social media is an essential tool for many marketers, providing an opportunity to connect with new customers, boost your brand and generate leads and sales. With PLR content, you can create video and image-based content that can be easily shared across social media channels.

This will help to increase the awareness of your brand and your products among your target audience. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to promote your products or services.

The best way to use PLR content on social media is to create and share useful tips, tricks, and anything that can help your audience with a problem they are facing.

Reuse PLR Content To Maximise ROI

Most online business owners make a crucial mistake with their PLR content, limiting their growth. They use it in only the format it came in. But the truth is you can switch up your PLR content by using it in even more formats, like changing the text to audio. This can make your content stretch even further. 

The beauty of PLR is that you can reuse your own content, allowing you to create a range of products and services from a single PLR content source. Again, this allows your audience to gain more value from the quality content you publish. For example, you can turn your PLR articles into infographics, images or quick social videos.

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The Bottom line

PLR content is a great way to save time, boost business and create quality products that your customers are happy to use. However, you must ensure you're maximising your content by using the right techniques and expanding your content as much as possible.

The following may include affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may make some commission. But this will be at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend things I trust and use myself (or have used). You can use my full disclaimer here.

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