How To Rewrite PLR Content

Stop struggling and sweating blood trying to create perfect content! Follow my tips for how to rewrite PLR, make it a habit, and you'll be creating content faster than ever!

In a perfect world, you would create all your content. It would be always fantastic writing and attracts millions of visitors, and it would take you only a few minutes to research, write, and edit. But, I live in the real world. And so do you!

Sometimes my writing just doesn't come. Sometimes writing takes too long. And sometimes I just need to focus on other things.

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In those cases, I rely on PLR content. I could hire a writer or professional creator, but they charge for their time and I run a small business. White label content saves me time and money. However, it does need to be personalised. Luckily, this is easy to do and doesn't take too much time.

Before I give you my tips for how to rewrite PLR content, let me answer a question about duplicate content that everyone asks!

Won't Google punish me for using PLR content?

There has been so much debate about this ever since "duplicate content" became a buzzword in 2005. In fact, I'd say it strikes fear into a lot of people's hearts.

It is up to you what you choose to believe. But, after a lot of research, I'm going to give you a very simple answer.


Google will not block your website or blacklist you because you have content that is the same or similar to what other websites have. But you can get penalised if you use the same content in several pages within your site.

If you don't edit your purchased PLR content to be more personalised, you could suffer on your page ranking. You could be competing on the same niche with the same content with someone who has a better authority rating. That means, your website is going to rank lower than them!

The Google Duplicate Content penalty will ONLY affect you if you take one piece of content and use it REPEATEDLY on the SAME blog or site. From Pay To Profits

Top tips for editing PLR into new unique content

1. Check for keywords

The creator of the PLR might have included some keywords in the content, but those keywords might not be the ones you are interested in. Do a quick scan of the text and see where you can replace words for your own keywords. You can also always add short sentenced here and there that feature your targeted keywords.

2. Create a new title

PLR titles are usually bland and boring. But the title of your piece is your hook. Bland and boring will drive readers away. Your title should be engaging and explain what the content is about.

Clickbait titles might have worked in the past. Now online readers are savvy and know what to look for. It doesn't matter if your title is long or short, as long as you treat your reader with respect. 

3. Rewrite the introduction

If you can, always write your own introduction. It will make your content sound more personal and it will help you connect to your readers easier.

If you're not comfortable writing, you should at least rewrite the introduction your purchased PLR content came with. Take it one sentence at a time. Read it aloud to yourself and then say it using your own words. After that, you can write down your own version.

4. Move things around

Don't limit yourself to copying and pasting. Read the PLR you're working on with a critical eye. Would there be a better order for the paragraphs? Would the conclusion make a good introduction? Would the content work better as a series rather than one larger piece?

5. Make it yours

PLR content can be a bit lifeless and uninspiring. You can make it more personal by adding your own stories and examples, by shortening complicated sentences, by combining shorter sentences, by changing words you would never use to words you use all the time... These changes are easy to make and will turn your generic PLR into a personal experience.

Try and see if you can get it all done in an hour. If it takes you longer, that's perfectly fine. Don't fret over it. Everything takes longer and seems harder the first time we do it. If you get in the habit of creating blog posts from pre-written content regularly (think once a week or so), you'll be able to get everything done in 20 minutes or so. Piggy Makes Bank

6. Keep it simple

Keep your words and sentences easy to understand. You want your readers to read your content with ease and not have to look up words in the dictionary!

But don't talk down to them either! You don't need to dumb down your content, only simplify it to make it more user-friendly. The content can be complex, but the words you use don't have to be.

7. Add visual elements

Images break down a block of text and make it easier to read. You are not limited to stock photographs. Drawing, infographics, and videos all add interest and can also provide extra information. And they can double as attractive social media graphics your readers will be keen to reshare.

8. Add links and products

Chances are you have products or affiliate links you could add to the PLR to increase your profits. Just make sure that all the links and products to add are relevant to the topic of the content and will add value to your reader. Don't add links that are irrelevant or your visitors will think of you as spam and not come again.

Can you mention a product from Amazon and include your affiliate link? Advanced Writing Solutions

BUT don't forget about formatting!

Rewriting your purchased PLR content is important, but the formatting you use to present it to your visitors could be the difference between an engaged reader and someone who clicks away after the second line.

Add plenty of images

As mentioned before, images help break down long blocks of text. Reading on a screen can be tiring, and a graphic breaks the monotony of black text on a white background.

But don't go overboard. A picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn't mean you need a thousand pictures!

Break things down 

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, use bullet points, add subheadings... Make your readers' work easy.

Most people who read content online are looking for the answer to a question. Don't make it hard for them to find the answer they are looking for or they won't want to come back to your website.

How To Rewrite PLR Content Gets Easier

I promise that rewriting your PLR will get easier the more you do it. Just get stuck in. You might start rewriting one a day - but before long you'll be doing 10 a day!

Have you tried rewriting PLR yet? How have you found it so far? Let me know in the comments below...

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rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite
rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite
rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

rewrite plr, how to rewrite plr ebook, article rewrite

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