Free Etsy Seller Resources To Help You Start Your Store

For anyone looking at starting an online store, my number one piece of advice is to research. Read everything you can, watch all the videos and, if you’re still eager, maybe take a few courses. In my experience, starting an online store is not a project you can just close your eyes and pray with. Luckily for you, I've found some excellent free Etsy seller resources to help you on your way.

Free Etsy Seller Resources To Help You Start Your Store - free Etsy resources

The following may include affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may make some commission. But this will be at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend things I trust and use myself (or have used). You can use my full disclaimer here.

With Etsy, you can start an online shop for free. The site allows you to showcase your products using professional images and copy. You pay nothing for this service, but you do give Etsy a cut of each sale. Getting started on Etsy is easy; all you need is some product photos and some good marketing copy.

In theory, the paragraph above makes selling on Etsy sound easy. I mean, sure, aside from the product, you do need images and words. But there is other stuff you need, too.

My second piece of advice would be to not be blinded by how simple something sounds. I know I was when I first started my online business.

The good news is the more you take the time to learn everything you need to about your business, the easier it becomes. Which is exactly why I have been putting together this Etsy series for you. 

Free Etsy Seller Resources

Starting an Etsy shop from scratch can seem daunting. There’s a lot of information to take in. But there is absolutely no reason why your new Etsy Store cannot be a massive success. Especially if you’re using PLR content to maximise your productivity. However, I'm writing this series because I want to help you look beyond your initial desire to start your store.

spend some time learning about the ups and downs of running an Etsy Store. In this post, I have gathered tips from the experts about the most common Etsy Store mistakes so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

If you are an Etsy seller who is just getting started, you’re probably looking for resources to help you start your store. We all know that Etsy can be a goldmine if you are smart about it. If you are not sure how to get started, I’ve put together a list of free Etsy seller resources to help you make your way on Etsy.

Be sure to visit the websites or YouTube channels I've found you to get even more information from these amazing people.

This is the third in a series of blog posts about running an Etsy Store. We're diving into all sorts of super useful tips & advice about all aspects of Etsy. But for now, I hope you’re able to learn lots of helpful stuff from the resources I've found for you.

Making the most of Etsy's Resources 

Hands down the best free Etsy resource is Etsy itself. Etsy wants to be successful, it is a business, and its way of being successful is for all the small businesses they host to be successful as well.

This means that their support section is fantastic. I'm not going to lie, it is pretty dry and boring to read, but there are some gems to be found there. And usually, the difference between a shop that is hitting it out of the park and one barely scraping by is whether the owner read their way through the Etsy Help Centre.

If you don’t read or watch anything else in this blog post, please make sure you check out Etsy's seller resource centre.

A Really Big List of Etsy Tools & Resources - Marketing Artfully

This article hasn't been updated in a couple of years, and on Internet years that is close to a century. BUT! I'm still adding it here because the list is a fantastic resource.

While some of the links don't work anymore (looking at you Polyvore!), most do and they are extremely useful.

The list is divided into 21 different aspects that cover everything you would ever need to run an Etsy store from pricing to social media, colour theory, to shipping.

This post does point to a couple of paid resources so not quite everything is free. But when I looked, the paid resources were $10 a month at the very most. Of course, you might not need all these resources. So, getting your wallet out is not necessary.

Read A Really Big List of Etsy Tools & Resources for tons of Etsy seller resources.


While you don't necessarily need to be an SEO superstar to have a successful Etsy store, you do still need to play the search engine game. After all, that's how the internet works.

SEO is one of my favourite things to study and implement. But, trust me, it is very easy to fall down the SEO research rabbit hole.

There are a lot of Etsy keyword tools around that can make the research process a lot easier for you and save you some very valuable time that is better invested in created even more of your amazing products. In my opinion SEO tools like this will be the most valuable Etsy seller resource.

This article by Squeak & Shout lists the best ways and tools to research Etsy keywords, and 4 out the the 5 are totally free!

Read 5 Etsy SEO Keyword Tools for some really useful free Etsy seller resources.

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Creating an Etsy Listing - Etsy Help Centre

I've already mentioned right at the top that the best place to get started learning about creating listings on Etsy is Etsy itself.

The Help Centre is a true treasure trove of information. Honestly, as a non-Etsy user, I can tell that it would be the most useful free Etsy seller resource. If you're serious about selling on the platform, it should become your best friend.

I took a good look around this one and I'm convinced you could spend hours reading and learning everything you need to know. For example, How to List an Item in Your Etsy Shop covers everything from adding images and writing your descriptions, to marketing and file delivery.

Head over to the Etsy Help Centre for one of the best free Etsy seller resources.

5 Tips for Writing Stellar Product Descriptions - The Etsy Seller Handbook

If rules and guidelines are a bit too abstract for you to follow, then this is the article for you. These 5 tips came straight from Etsy store owners and they get as real as it can be when it comes to their mistakes, so you don't make them too:

Don't Forget What people need to know

My favourite quote from is article is:

"I realized I got so into being funny that I forgot to mention how big the pendant was," she says. "Sometimes writing doesn’t always come through the way you intended the first time.”

Product descriptions can be really hard to write. It is so important to stay focused on your goals and what people need to know before they buy from you.

Read 5 Tips for Writing Stellar Product Descriptions for even more useful free seller resources from Etsy themselves.

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Still looking for some more tips from actual Etsy sellers? Don't worry, I've got you covered. This post by Handmade Journey goes into other aspects of your listings you should be paying attention to, like using a call to action:

Use Call-To-Actions

My favourite quote from is article is without a doubt this:

"A call to action is important because it’s where you ask your buyer to do something else.  A great call to action to add to your Etsy shop is to encourage buyers to keep browsing the rest of your items in your shop.  Add your call to action at the bottom of your description."

You shouldn't skip these just because they might make you feel pushy, they are informative and they work!

Handmade Journey has tons of information about being an Etsy seller. I have picked out this blog post specifically, to get you started. But as a whole the website is an amazing free Etsy seller resource.

If you want even more solid advice, then head over to Handmade Journey because with her 5 Tips For Irresistible Etsy Product Descriptions and other posts on the site, I promise you will learn a lot

How To Write Etsy Product Descriptions For Beginners - YouTube Video

This video from Zebrano Wood Craft is short and sweet and goes through some great tips for creating great listings that connect with buyers. One of his many tips is: 

4th Grade Reading Level

"In the video I describe the importance of keeping it simple and how your item descriptions should be written to a 4th grade reading level! That's right: write your item descriptions as if you were describing the item to a 9 year old!"

And if you have the time, you should watch his 'selling on Etsy' playlist, 2 or 3 videos focus on woodworking, but the rest can be used by any kind of business selling on Etsy.

Etsy Product Description Template - 4 Easy Paragraphs - Wrapped by Design Jewelry

If you're still confused when it comes to writing successful listing descriptions, a template might be a good resource. This one by Wrapped by Design Jewelry breaks down listings in a very easy-to-follow format:

4 Paragraph Product Description

The formula:

  • Paragraph 1 - Intro
  • Paragraph 2 - Key Points
  • Paragraph 3 - Add-Ons
  • Paragraph 4 - Plugs
In her post, each paragraph is then broken down even further! How helpful is that?

If you want even more information about this product description formula, then head over to Wrapped by Design's Etsy Product Description Template blog post.

5 tips for writing Etsy product descriptions - Marmalead

It's not unusual for store owners to forget what being a buyer feels like. After all, you've spent so much time with your own products that you are probably taking for granted information that other people don't have.

Marmalead has some fantastic posts about selling on Etsy, and this one is no different. Don't believe me?, just take a look at this short tip:

Make them feel it

"If you’re selling a sweater, make the buyer feel like they’re literally holding it in their hands with your copy. Describe the softness of the fabric, the gorgeous color(s), the way it feels like a gentle hug when you put it on…you get the idea;) SELL THEM! Get specific while at the same time being concise and persuasive."

Marmalead, first and foremost, is a Etsy Keyword Research tool. But they have heaps of free Etsy resources on their website. I recommend heading over to 5 tips for writing Etsy product descriptions and digging around their website.

I'm going to have lots more specific tips in this Starting An Etsy Store series. Be sure to come back and check out future posts if you have more questions.

Do you have any burning questions about opening an Etsy Store? Let me know in the comments below...

The following may include affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, I may make some commission. But this will be at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend things I trust and use myself (or have used). You can use my full disclaimer here.

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