Chakra journal PLR Templates

Effortlessly create an awesome chakra journal your costomers will love

Chakra Journal, Spiritual Journal PLR Bundle, healing journal prompts, keeping a spiritual journal

Create a chakra journal in Minutes

The Chakra Journal PLR Templates provide you with quality templates that you can easily edit, brand and sell as your own. Complete with a full PLR (commercial use) licence, you are free to use these templates with hardly any restrictions.

Please note: these chakra journal templates are included in the Spiritual Planner Bundle! Please don't buy this twice!

These Chakra Journal PLR Templates are perfect for creating a chakra journal, selling as printables, adding to a membership site, uploading to Amazon's KDP service, or giving away as irresistible lead magnets.

Help your customers learn chakra meditation benefits and unblock their chakras with your new chakra journal templates.

Chakra Journal, Spiritual Journal PLR Bundle, Spiritual journal keeping a spiritual journal, spiritual guidance, spiritual journaling exercises

Here’s What You’ll Get With Your Chakra Journal Templates

As soon as you make your purchase, you can start creating a chakra journal or tons of printables, and teach your customers how to unblock chakras straight away. Let's take a look at everything you'll get when you buy these Chakra Journal PLR Templates

Fully Optimised templates

You get 30 different, fully optimised and fully editable, chakra journal templates. In both colour and black & white, with an A4 cover & mockups, too.

PowerPoint and PDF Files

Each template comes in a ready to go PDF file
and also comes in a fully editable Powerpoint file

Two Sizes Plus Font Files

These templates comes in two sizes, including: A4 and 6x9 sizes. The used font files are also included in your downloads

Your chakra journal templates

Easily create a chakra journal, with room for: chakra meditation, explaration, personal mantras, kindness & gratitude, and more...

Chakra Journal, Spiritual Journal PLR Bundle, healing journal prompts, keeping a spiritual journal
Beautiful Customisable PLR Templates
Both Colour &
chakra journal plr-chakra journal templates-chakra journal-chakra meditation benefits-chakras out of balance
Two Different Sizes PLUS Extras!

Buy Now for $12.95

chakra journal templates

Make The Chakra Journal PLR Templates your own!

Numerous templates to maximise sales

With very little effort, the chakra journal templates plr gives you the power and flexibility to create hundreds of journals and worksheets.

You can either give these away as lead magnets and bonuses or sell them for profit to help your business' bottom line.

Full Private Label Rights

You can create unlimited journals and tools for personal & commercial use.
You can give your finalised journals and tools away (as gifts, as lead magnets, etc.)
Sell on Etsy, Amazon or your own website for profit.
You can use your own or company name as author of all journals, tools, & written materials

Ready to go AND fully editable versions

All templates come ready to use as PDF files and fully editable in Powerpoint.

In Powerpoint it is super easy to edit pages, move them around, delete and duplicate them. You can make multiple, high quality journals in minutes! Trust me, your productivity will sky rocket!

Create the best chakra journal, planners and worksheets with the Chakra Journal PLR Templates

Make a massive difference in your customers' lives with very little effort.

Buy Now for $12.95

chakra journal templates


Frequently Asked Questions 

If needed, you can visit the full FAQ page here

What does your PLR license allow/not allow?

The Happy Journals PLR Club's licence is extremely flexible. The only limitations on there are to do with Amazon's KDP publishing services. These limitations have more to do with Amazon's rules rather than our own. Amazon requires you to make changes to your private label rights templates before you upload them to KDP - if you do not you may find they will not publish your books.

Pinterest Pin Templates are for you to promote your business. They cannot be sold.

Can I edit your private label rights templates?

Yes, of course. In fact, we actively encourage you to make the products your own. However, if you don't want to make changes, you don't have to - unless you're publishing on Amazon, as discussed on the main FAQ page

Can I sell the private label rights templates I buy from you?

It depends what you are asking here...

If you are asking if you can re-sell private label rights templates as PLR so your customers can edit it and use it as their own, the answer is no.

If you're just looking to sell the product to your commercial customers and they cannot edit/re-sell your product, then yes. That is the point :)

Where do I find the private label rights templates I've bought from you?

Normally you should be redirected to your account after you've checked out. On occasion this may not happen because technology has a mind of its own and doesn't play ball. Alas, this is simply part of life.

If you are not redirected to your account; click the button below, login to your account and your purchases will be waiting for you there :)

Why should I buy private label rights templates from you?

I have genuinely been asked this before. Realistically, I'm not sure we can answer this for you. I try to be as transparent as possible in everything I do. I display as much of each product as I can on every sales page and you are able to see my standard license on my full FAQ page

Other than this, only you know what purchases are good for your businesses or not.

Are your private label rights templates ever updated?

Every now and again I will update products. Mostly these updates will be to do with file size or folder layout - I'm unlikely to inform customers of these as they don't affect the content of the product. I may change content of a product, on rare occasions, and I will let you know what the changes are, if you own it.

What if I don't like your private label rights templates?

If you're asking this before you buy: Don't buy them. Sorry to be so blunt, but what can I say?

If you're asking this after you buy: I'm sorry about this. Try and work out what you don't like and make any changes you wish to suit your needs. I make the private label rights templates super easy to edit for this reason.

What do I do once I download my private label rights templates?

Well, the world is your oyster, my friend. But here is what I recommend:

  • Unzip your new files
  • Install the Fonts that come with your PLR -I always deliver the fonts I used with your downloads - if you've never used these before, you will need to install them on your computer before opening PowerPoint. Look for the "Read Me" File for more information
  • Organise the files in a way that works for you.
  • Delete anything you will never use (I don't mind & you have lifetime access so can always re-download if needed).
  • Decide how you want to use your private label rights templates
  • Make your edits and publish/sell/give away your new creations.

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