Big PLR Planners Bundle

Use these PLR Planners to help your customers plan everything! Crammed full of content they will snap your hand off for!

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Teach your customers how to plan everything with the Big PLR Planners Bundle

Check out all the incredible content you'll have for effortlessly creating a personal development journal your loyal customers will adore

16 personal development Planners

In this PLR Planners Bundle 16 different planners for all areas of life. Each planner comes in both full Colour and greyscale. All planners come in 6x9" and A4 sizes and you'll get ready to go PDF files as well as fully editable PowerPoint files.

Plus Covers and Fonts!

To top this all off, you'll also get 16 covers plus 32 3D mockups in PNG & JPG, PLUS all font files are included!

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Empower your customers to develop daily habits to improve life with this outstanding PLR Planners pack

Planners are one of the biggest sellers in the stationery world.

The Big PLR Planners Bundle is fully loaded with everything you need to maximise this.

The sale of planners makes up a massive proportion of the stationery market. The number of people who will try anything to get themselves organised and plan everything is staggering!

Google search trends for anything and everything to do with planners has been on the rise for the past five years. They are NOT slowing down either!

What if YOU could get a piece of that revenue?

More to the point, what if you could make sales with not just one planner but 16 different planners?

Check out all the reasons YOUR customers want YOUR planners!

Studies show that using planners properly has all these benefits:

  • Helps organise thoughts
  • reduces stress
  • boosts moods
  • promotes mindfulness
  • improves writing skills
  • supports mental health management
  • Aids setting (and achieving) goals
  • promotes improved emotional intelligence
  • improves memory 
  • simplifies brainstorming
  • Helps with recording ideas 
  • relieves stress 
  • improves self-discipline self-reflexion
  • supports faster problem solving 
  • promotes creativity 
  • supports emotional healing 

With 16 planners in two sizes in Black & White and Colour, The Big PLR Planners Bundle gives you the biggest variety of PLR Planners on the market.

Think about this for a second. If you made 50 covers for each of the black & white 6x9" planners, that gives you a possible 800 planners you could have on Amazon. If you did the same for the 6x9" colour versions, that could be 1600 planners on Amazon! 

These planners can very easily be made longer or shorter, depending on your customers' needs.

PLUS I've done the hard work for you. All you have to do is put it together and sell! From these, you can begin to create your own personal development planners and take a step towards learning how to how to make money selling journals.

(Check the PLR license you get with your purchase before uploading to Amazon)