Beauty of Life Journal PLR Bundle

Use this beauty of life journal PLR to encourage your customers to start noticing the little things, see the beauty in everything and live a healthy and beautiful life. Crammed full of content they will snap your hand off for!

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Help your customers learn how to start noticing the little things with the beauty of life journal bundle

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tHREE sets of beauty of life journal templates

With this beauty of life journal PLR, you'll an exciting 3 sets of journal templates! You'll get these journal templates:

  • beauty of life journal
  • Positive Outlook Journal
  • Self-Gratitude Journal

All of these come in full colour, in two sizes: 6x9 and A4. You'll also get black & white versions, too.

40 Note Papers in two sizes

With the Beauty of Life Journal Bundle, you'll get 40 unique note papers in two sizes (6x9" with bleed and A4). These can be used as individual printables or in full journals. You'll get a Powerpoint file with all the papers, a ready to go PDF file with all the papers together, and each paper in a separate PDF file.

Plus Keywords, Covers and Fonts!

To top this all off, you'll also get all this: 254 Keywords (134 SEO Keywords & 120 Pinterest Keywords), 3 covers plus 3D mockups in PNG & JPG, PLUS all font files are included!

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Encourage your customers to explore their beautiful lives & help them live a healthy and beautiful life with this outstanding PLR pack

How often do we all spend time noticing the little things? Probably not enough.

There are so many amazing things in this life. Even if we're having a tough time, there is still enough beauty around us to make us pause and appreciate our lives, the people around us and the beautiful world we live in.

But how often do your customers stop and do this?

There is a lot to be said for noticing the little things in life. But many of us are so busy, caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, or pulled down by the negativity in  the media.

So many of us don't see the beauty in everything because we've stopped looking. Maybe we've forgotten the blessings that we have. Or perhaps we simply take them for granted.

This is your opportunity to help your customers change this!

Focusing on the beauty of life and noticing the little things will help your customers with:

  • Increase the prominence of positive emotions in life
  • Reflect on actions and occurrences that often go unnoticed
  • Promote mindful living
  • Starting to enjoy the simple pleasures of life
  • Increase natural resilience
  • Practice a self-care routine
  • Develop a positive outlook on life
  • Develop a better appreciation of themselves
  • Gain a better appreciation of the little things
  • Practice gratitude
  • Experience life more fully

As well as all of the above, we must not forget the following:

  • Positive mindsets helps immune system health and is shown to speed up recovery time.
  • Positivity can help us to be more creative and resourceful.
  • Positivity can help to build our strengths on positive emotions to help us cope with difficult situations. 

Did you know?


More and more stats and reports are popping up all the time indicating that more people are suffering from depression, anxiety, and becoming increasingly disheartened as time goes by, rather than less.


All of this might seem odd when you consider the fact that material comforts and luxuries are easier to get hold of than ever before. But realistically this could be the issue.

In reality, the more we get hold of these luxuries of various types, the more likely we are to take those things for granted.

The world places a high value on material things, technology, and beautiful gadgets that promise to change our lives. People expect to find meaning in these things and for them to solve everything.

But things don't solve anything. Things are not the key to life.

90 percent of people's long-term happiness is determined by how you think, not how much money you have or where you live.


Studies have shown that more and more people are looking for a happier life. These studies have also shown that people who are more mindful and dig into the beauty of life live happier, more fulfilling lives.


People are increasingly turning to journaling as a form of self-care, life appreciation, and self-appreciation.


These journals are your way of providing you customers with the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of live rather than continuously chasing the next shiny object.

The beautiful, unique, designs of these beauty of life journals will make your customers start to appreciate the small things: about themselves and the world around them. Your customers are bound to discover a great deal about themselves, start noticing the little things in life, and improve their emotional and mental wellness.

All the journals can very easily be made longer or shorter, depending on your customers' needs.

PLUS I've done the hard work for you. All you have to do is put it together and sell! From these, you can begin to create your own journal templates and take a step towards learning how to make money selling journals. Or, of course, use them for yourself!