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How Can Our Private Label Rights Products Make Life Easier?

When it comes to creating exciting and engaging content, the struggle is real!

Everyone knows that, if you want your business to stand out these days. Without content - good content - it is very difficult to get yourself heard. But do you know what's even more difficult? Creating the endless supply of content you need. Whether that is new products, lead magnets, blog posts, videos, etc.

The beauty of using private label rights products is that you can still end up with the results you desire, but the bulk of the hard work is done for you.

About the happy journals club products


Here at The Happy Journals PLR Club, we are very aware that many people think we spend time recommending methods, tools and products, but don't use any of them ourselves.

We are always honest and open. We only recommend methods we use daily. We only recommend tools we use and love. And we only recommend other PLR suppliers we have bought from before and trust 100%.

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Of course, we don't use PLR within the private label rights products we sell. However, as we say, we like to be honest so we'll tell you this...

The Happy Journals PLR Club is part of a set of websites, run by Fran Whitaker, called The Happy Journals Group. Throughout this group, PLR is used, yes! This is mostly in blog posts.

We don't mind that people know that our blog posts contain PLR. We're proud of it. Why? Because we work hard to make it different and make sure it fits into each individual website perfectly. That's what we want you to be able to do!

Common Private Label Rights Products Worries


Worry #1

Using private label rights products is not cheating. It is absolutely no different to hiring a designer to design your products or a ghost writer to write your blog posts. The idea is the same but it is much cheaper!


Worry #2

If you use your private label rights products well and take time to put your stamp on them (edits and logos) no one will know you've used PLR. And if they do work it out, they really and truly won't mind.


Worry #3

There are more people than you think out there using private label rights products to boost, streamline or simplify your business. If you think using PLR is "not the done thing", you need to think again.

Our Using Private Label Rights Products

Our private label rights products are really easy to use. They are designed to be as simple as possible to edit and brand. All the templates are designed using PowerPoint, which means that if you want to move things around, you can. You can move page assets anywhere you wish and they will stay there! No more fighting with hidden, impossible to understand, settings that will only let you put certain things in certain places. You get 100% flexibility that fits with your creativity.

When you download our private label rights products, you'll get PDF versions of the templates. This means that if you do not want to make any changes, you don't have to! But, of course, you'll get the PowerPoint files, too.

All of our private label rights products come in two or more sizes. Our core sizes are A4 and 6x9 inch. We format the templates to fit these sizes so you don't have to do that either. We also provide all the font we use! We always use free Google fonts in our templates, but unless you have the fonts installed on your computer, you won't be able to see them in the source files. So, instead of making you hunt down the fonts yourself, we include them in your download files.

There's lots more information like this on our FAQ page (click below). But if you have a specific question about any of our private label rights products, please feel free to send us a message via our contact page.

Other Useful Areas of The Happy Journals PLR Club

There is more to this website than buying awesome private label rights products. We hope you'll take a look around and stay a while.


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