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The Happy Journals PLR Club

Hello all you wonderful people who want to be successful!

I’m Fran Whitaker. I’m the owner, creator, chief everything of the The Happy Journals PLR Club. In other words, I’m a one woman band. 

My ultimate goal in life is to help people be successful and achieve their goals.

In a past life I was a Paralympic swimmer, living the dream and winning gold medals for Great Britain. Don’t believe me? Google Fran Williamson (that’s me).

I am also a motivational speaker and life coach, with more than 15 years experience in the Personal Development world. I live and breathe personal development and self help in a big way.

In early 2018, I decided to bring my knowledge online. I developed The Happy Journals (the original), which is a personal development blog with commercial tools and journals.

The personal development and self help niche is one of the most lucrative niches you can be in. It is evergreen and people are crying out for better lives.

The potential for making money is real! Make this niche work and your bank account will thank you.

The Struggle?

Content creation.

When it comes to creating exciting and engaging content, the struggle is real!

That’s why I’ve created The Happy Journals PLR Club. To do all the hard work so you don’t have to. 

With my PLR products, you’ll turn a 15-20 step process into a 5 step process. With my products, all you have to do is this:

  • Get excited! 
  • Make minor edits (if you want to)
  • Place your logo and/or name
  • Upload
  • Sell

That’s it! That's done for you content at it's very best.

Ooo, I’ll also tell you where to get the best PLR products money can buy (as well as mine).

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A full range of FAQs (everything you need to know) can be found here. But for now, allow me to answer a few quick questions to put your mind at ease.

Can I trust you?

Well, that is entirely up to you. I am a trustworthy person - if you order something from me, I will make sure you get it. Even if I need to stay up until 2am trying to work out why your download won't work, you'll get it. But the only way you'll know if you can trust me, is by (err) trusting me. Or you can email me with any questions.

What kind of PLR can I expect from you?

I will offer a variety of different done for you content, over time. I'll try and mix things up. However, you're likely to find a lot of journals, workbooks, worksheets and checklists. With 99% of my bundles you'll also find keywords and social media images to make things even easier for you.

How can I use your PLR content?

Again, that's up to you. I have spoken about how to use PLR content here. But basically, unless the license I give you says you can't, you can do anything you like with the done for you content you get from me.

You're called The Happy Journals PLR Club, but I see no club. What's that about?

You gotta start somewhere, right. Bill Gates started in a garage - I feel like I'm flying high in comparison. No, seriously, there will be a membership aspect soon (The Club) as well as a Facebook group.

Isn't using PLR content cheating?

I can see why you might ask this. The quick answer is no. The longer answer is: Using PLR saves you time. You could spend 3-6 hours writing and editing just one report or blog post series. That’s before you factor in the time it takes to format your content, schedule it, and promote it on social media. 

But if you use PLR, you can take a content pack and turn it into a post series or PDF report in less than an hour. This lets you boost your productivity so you can publish even more content for your hungry community.

Be honest, do you use PLR content?

Absolutely! I adore PLR. To be honest, The Happy Journals PLR Club has been inspired by some of my favourite PLR creators because they're so good. 

Do you take requests?

I do, you can contact me any time with ideas for PLR content. However, bear in mind that my brain is usually a whirlwind of ideas, so requests will be added to a to-do list rather than put together immediately. Unless I get really excited and do it in 30 minutes. It could happen.

Do you have an affiliate program?

I absolutely do! Head here to sign up.

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