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I'm Fran and I have more than 15 years experience in the Personal Development world. In early 2018, I decided to bring my knowledge online. Little did I know that I would learn a lot more than I already did. The number one thing I learned is that content creation is hard and takes a crazy amount of time. That’s why I’ve created The Happy Journals PLR Club. To do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

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The ultimate PLR journal website

Millions of people every day search for journals and other personal development tools that could help them improve their lives. What if you were able to tap into this booming market. Better still, what if your products were already done for you, ready to sell? 

The Happy Journals PLR Club swirl

SEO, Amazon and Pinterest Keywords

A big part of getting ahead online is about using the right keywords in the right places. But finding the right keywords can take a lot of time, patience and effort. What if you could get hundred of the right keywords? All you'd have to do is put them in you content!

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Images and Written Content

So, you have amazing products. Great. But now you have to market them. And creating a single social media image or blog post can take forever, right? Not any more, I've got you covered. I'll do it for you and give away my secrets so you can do things at lightning speed!

The Happy Journals PLR Club Store

Buying PLR is crazily addictive, especially good PLR! Check out The Happy Journals PLR Club store to see what amazing products you could start selling to YOUR customers today. Grab any of the following and brand them as your own.

  • Journal templates
  • Notebook templates
  • Social media images ready to use
  • Keywords ready to use
  • Checklists and blog posts

What is PLR ?

Want to know what PLR is and how you can use it? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Find out exactly how I use PLR and the processes I go through to make it fresh and different.

Short answer: PLR is done for you content that you can brand as your own. 

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Incredible PLR suppliers

Over the years, PLR has had bad press. That is, simply, because there is some very bad PLR out there. I know, I have a ton of it on my Google Drive.

But, in the last year, I have discovered some truly amazing PLR content. In fact, it’s so good, I want to keep it to myself. But I won’t… I’ll share and you can thank me later.

Amazing tools I use

I’ve tried all the content creation tools under the sun (literally) to try and make running an online business as easy and as straightforward as humanly possible. I have now narrowed down the tools I use to only the very best.

Now that I’ve tested them, you don’t need to. Because I’m going to tell you exactly what to use and how.

About Fran Whitaker

I’m Fran Whitaker. I’m the owner, creator, chief everything of the The Happy Journals PLR Club. In other words, I’m a one woman band. My ultimate goal in life is to help people be successful and achieve their goals. 

In a past life I was a Paralympic swimmer, living the dream and winning gold medals for Great Britain.

I am also a motivational speaker and life coach, with more than 15 years experience in the Personal Development world.

The Happy Journals PLR Club

Fran Whitaker

Boss Lady of The Happy Journals PLR Club

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